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Criminalizing certain speech, no matter how horrible, is not realistic

Verbal abuse, no matter how horrible or derogatory is not a ‘racist attack’. Let us not diminish and cheapen real ‘racist attacks’ where victims are seriously harmed, robbed or potentially killed because of racist motivations.

In my view it is good that such an incident was recorded and it was shared to the public, so we can publicly shame and identify the culprits and to a greater degree a certain snobbish and elitist attitude among certain Cypriots, that is how things will change, not with the excessive use of the police, and it is completely unfeasible at that. Bringing the cops in every time a verbal confrontation happens that involves sensitive subjects…in Cyprus of all places? Good luck with that.

Are police suppose to investigate every single case of somebody insulting another person or getting into a verbal altercation? Should we do like the UK and have people investigated for potentially insensitive facebook posts while avoiding more serious crimes because of lack of resources?

Cyprus has had a huge increase in serious crime over the past years, let us have a little perspective, we should be more concerned with having police do more about this very severe and direct problem!

The sharing of the video has done enough damage to the Cypriot women in my view. Criminalizing certain speech no matter how horrible is not realistic, and wherever it is implemented, has done much more damage than good.


Victim of racist attack complains police have not examined the case

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