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Pasp claims financial reasons behind decision to stop Cyprus football

The Council of Ministers has approved health minister Constantinos Ioannou’s proposal to test participants of competitions under the Cyprus Football Association for Covid-19.
Cyprus Football Association President Giorgos Koumas

The Pancyprian Footballers Association (Pasp) said the decision to cancel the rest of the season and declare this year’s championship null and void will come back to haunt those who took it.

In a statement released on Monday, Pasp once again thanked the fans and the media, who were both strongly opposed to the decision taken by the Cyprus Football Association (CFA).

In addition to that, Pasp claimed the CFA had no valid reasons to justify the immediate suspension of football.

“The government gave the go-ahead for the league to restart, based on the positive opinions expressed by the epidemiological team,” the statement said.

“Moreover, there was no pressure from Uefa to take such a decision in a rush since it gave Cyprus until May 25 to decide whether to resume or not.”

Pasp’s statement called the CFA’s decision surprising and disappointing, due to the fact that the situation in the country is amongst the most promising in Europe in terms of dealing with the coronavirus.

“Once again, Cyprus has gained European prominence for the wrong reasons. Out of the 55 Uefa member states, we are the only one in which football was cancelled without a direct intervention of the government.

“On the contrary, the decision was taken in contrast with the advice of the health ministry and the epidemiological team, who both gave the green light for the resumption of the championship.”

Pasp further claimed that the CFA decided to declare this season null and void for financial reasons and vowed to investigate the matter from a legal standpoint.

“The CFA made several conflicting statements through the last three months and it was clear public health was not its main concern,” the statement continued.

“Had they been worried about the public health, they would have also been opposed to the youth teams restarting training. They were not and it’s easy to figure out why. Academy players do not get paid, while the ones in first teams do.”

Finally, Pasp reassured their members of the fact they are able to provide legal support and advice regarding the next steps for them to take.

“We strongly stand by them and we are also calling on fans to not give up on football, despite the obvious disappointment they must feel at the moment.”

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