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How to turn numbers into cartoon animals

In this video, I’ll show you how to turn numbers into cartoon animals very easy drawing animals with numbers and letters from 0-9 step by step featuring these drawing tricks for kids are draw a shark, rabbit, cat and so on.

How to draw a pig with number 0 at 0:03

How to draw a hedgehog with number 1 at 0:24

How to draw a flamingo with number 2 at 1:21

How to draw a rabbit with number 3 at 1:56

How to draw a shark with number 4 at 2:28

How to draw a dog with number 5 at 3:12

How to draw a fish with number 6 at 4:06

How to draw a crocodile with number 7 at 5:06

How to draw a cat with number 8 at 5:59

How to draw a chameleon with number 0 at 6:35

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