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Restaurant review: Zen Room, Limassol

By Stephanie Robb

When the craving for something Asian strikes Zen Room is the place to go. In downtown Limassol, it is a sushi and teppanyaki bar working to cater even to the fussiest of appetites.

Zen Room is located in the Uptown Square hub, a location which consists of a variety of restaurants although it has to be said that Zen is one of the best options on offer. With sophisticated and modern decor, Zen Room embodies its name perfectly. As soon as you walk in you are overcome by a feeling of comfort and relaxation. It is one of the few restaurants that has actually achieved a balance between glamour, sophistication, comfort and relaxation.
Not only that, but Zen Room has a delightful menu, with such a large variety to choose from it is almost overwhelming. The sashimi, sushi and makimono should definitely be tried as starters to a large meal. To those unfamiliar, the sashimi is five slices of raw fish ranging from yellow fin tuna to scallops, octopus and smoked eel. And for the daring, try the live scallop sashimi served in its own shell with ginger, wasabi, green seaweed and soya sauce.

The Sushi choices are again are appetizing and plentiful. The Ke-Kajiki sushi, swordfish sushi, is an interesting and delicious choice, and one of the best I had all evening. Another great dining option is the toro torched sushi, which is tuna belly sushi, with a slightly torched topped with spring onion, ginger and ponzu sauce.

When it comes to the makimono, rolls of seaweed wrapped in rice and enclosed with fillings, the spicy shake maki is a great option, which is made from salmon and filled with Japanese mayonnaise, spring onions and chili powder. Or go for the sushi don options, sushi served in a bowl. Your best option when it comes to this is the chirashi sushi, which is made tuna, salmon, prawn, white fish, Japanese omelette, salmon roe, calamari, pickled radish and sweetened gourd over rice.

The best options for those who are looking for just a sushi/maki/sashimi based meal are the appetizing and delicious platters. The special platters have a variety of sashimi, sushi, maki and roe and they are a great dining option for raw seafood lovers.

But if you are not a fan of raw fish, fear not. The dishes do not stop here. Two great starter options are the grilled scallops aioli, topped with yuzu mayonnaise, powder wasabi peas and sweet soya sauce and the wagyu beef tataki. The wagyu beef is slightly grilled with virgin oil and garnished with roasted garlic and spring onion with lemon and soya sauce.

And since you are at an Asian restaurant, you cannot exclude the noodle options. The ones I tried and loved are the karashi soba/udon noodles. The spicy noodles are sautéed with the selection of seafood and vegetables or beef and vegetables.

Other mains that caught my attention are black bean Chilean seabass, made with rich Chilean seabass and steamed in Chinese black bean sauce is topped with thinly sliced spring onions and ginger. Another great option is the lobster tail teppanyaki made with unagi sauce, mushrooms, spring onion, bell peppers and broccoli.

All in all, Zen Room offers great food, and too many options to choose from and a rich wine list to accompany.

WHERE 194 Amathoundos Ave, Limassol
CONTACT 25 025555
PRICE €50 – €70 per person

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