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Our View: Too much time spent analysing meaningless UN resolutions

WE HAD a ‘balanced’ resolution for the six-month renewal of UNFICYP’s presence, reported the Cyprus News Agency from New York earlier this week. The deliberations for drafting the resolution took less time than they had in the previous two years, when close allies of Turkey – Pakistan and Azerbaijan – were on the Security Council and supported Ankara’s extreme positions, said the agency’s report.
But this was not the only good news from New York according to CNA. Despite the fact that the draft resolution prepared by Britain was considered ‘positive’, after the interventions of the Cypriot delegation and of friends of Cyprus the final document was hailed by diplomatic sources as ‘particularly positive’.
One of the positives was the call for the restoration of Strovilia to the state of affairs that existed before 30 June, 2000. The deliberations of the last few days ‘resulted in a more balanced phraseology in the paragraphs regarding the developments in the Cyprus problem as well as the CBMs and the missing,’ said the report.
The above report could have easily been taken as a parody, a spoof or a tongue-in-cheek account, but for the correspondent it was an important news story, informing the people back home about the latest twist in the fascinating saga of the Cyprus problem.
It is quite amazing that after 50 years of UN Security Council resolutions about the renewal of UNFICYP’s mandate a new resolution is still considered important enough to report and comment on.
Do these inconsequential resolutions make the slightest bit of difference to the average Cypriot’s life? Does it really matter that the latest irrelevant resolution was ‘particularly positive’? Perhaps it matters because the Turkish Cypriots were not satisfied with it. The ‘foreign ministry’ in the north described it as inadequate, because it did not call for the lifting of the ‘unfair isolation’ of the Turkish Cypriots or acknowledge that the Turkish Cypriot community had given its consent to the renewal of the mandate.
Both sides enjoy spending their time analysing meaningless resolutions, because it is safe and easy – a type of diplomatic comfort food for them. This futile activity, which comes across as satire, has no political cost, does not require making difficult choices and gives licence to politicians and diplomats to say whatever they want. After all, nobody apart from some journalists is in any way interested in UN resolutions, which most people realised, many years ago, have no practical value at all.

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