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No justice in this justice system

When will someone investigate the hundreds of backlogged and un-served police warrants stacking up in the police stations? What justice is there for those who have entered the court system, won their cases and come face to face the criminals still walking free?

What is the process difference between criminal charge warrants vs minor debt warrants?

Thanks to the “justice” of Cyprus Courts, in direct opposition to EU laws and security, it will all get done “sooner or later”? Perhaps, the justice system should remember, when shouting for human rights and how Cyprus is abused, that they are living in a glass house…

FYI, some cases have gone through courts for years, causing direct harm, due to delays etc. Those that have finally been “won” now find that insult is added to further injury, as criminals walk free and justice, is again, left by the roadside, like a carcass.

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