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Cypriot internet users divided over Clinton and Trump

With just days to go before the US elects its next president, it appears that Cypriot internet users do not have a clear favourite.

This is the result of a historic global sentiment poll being conducted on Cyprus Mail and almost 100 other leading news sites around the world by Showt (pronounced “Shout”) Limited, creator of the world’s first Instant Global Voting platform, where everyone can express their positive or negative opinion about nearly anyone or anything.

Since Showting began in early September, the Cyprus ShowtCount has 50 per cent Yes Showts for Donald Trump and 49 per cent Yes Showts for Hillary Clinton.

However, Cyprus sentiment seems to be shifting significantly toward the Democratic candidate with the ShowtCount over the past seven days showing Hillary with 68 per cent Yes Showts to Trump’s 38 per cent. The Cypriot view is shifting to be more in line with the overall non-US global sentiment, which is overwhelmingly pro-Clinton, with 71 per cent of the world saying Yes to only 43 per cent for Trump.

Michael March, Showt Co-Founder and CEO said, “The election of the US president has a potential impact on everyone on the planet. Showt provides, for the first time ever, a way for people from every country in the world to participate in this historic election and have their voices heard.”

Balkans & Russia Trends
With people in over 210 countries Showting both Yes and No for the candidates, Showt has been able to identify geographic trends in popularity for the candidates. Notably, the Balkan states – Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia – have all shown strong sympathy for Trump. Perhaps not surprising is the significantly positive view of Trump amongst Russian internet users who have Showted Yes 84 per cent of the time.

Latin America Trends
A very different trend is emerging in Latin America where Hillary Clinton is the clear favourite. Yes Showting in Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela is all heavily skewed towards the Democratic candidate. Perhaps not surprising given Trump’s statements about Mexican immigrants and his position that he will build a strong wall on the US-Mexican border that Mexico will pay for, Mexicans are Showting 96 per cent Yes for Clinton and 90 per cent No for Trump.

Africa and Asia Trends
Clinton is also leading in Yes Showts in most Asian countries and in all of Africa, with the exception of Liberia.

You may see the full world results by Showting in the box below or by going to the Showt results page.

Global Trends
It is interesting to note that post the first presidential debate, which took place on September 26, a record increase of 161 per cent of Showters Showted No for candidate Donald Trump.

Similarly, in the second debate, on October 9, there was a 77 per cent increase in No Showts for candidate Hillary Clinton. The third debate saw a fairly equal divide amongst Showters (50 per cent increased Showting No for Trump and 35 per cent increased No Showting for Clinton).

With that being said, it would be highly interesting to see what unfolds on Election Day, and what Showters, in Cyprus, and worldwide have to say.

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