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Appreciating the wetlands that will secure our future

BirdLife Cyprus and Terra Cypria – The Cyprus Conservation Foundation, will celebrate World Wetland Day 2018 with a bird watching event in Nicosia on Friday.

The event, which will take place at the capital’s largest wetland, Athalassa Park, will give the chance to discover the wondrous world of birds and the wetlands of the island.

As with each year since 1997, February 2 will be dedicated to raising global awareness about the important role of wetlands for people and the planet. This year’s theme is Wetlands for a Sustainable Urban Future, and it highlights the important role of wetlands in sustainable urbanisation.

Urban wetlands, such as the one found at Athalassa Park, are essential and contribute to making cities liveable. During big storms, urban wetlands absorb runoff rainfall, which reduces flooding in cities and prevents disasters and their subsequent costs. The abundant vegetation found in urban wetlands acts as a filter for domestic and industrial waste and this contributes to improving water quality. Urban wetlands supply cities with water and are green spaces for recreation which helps to promote human wellbeing.

Our educational journey in Cyprus this year will begin at the park in Nicosia at 2pm with bird watching and educational activities until 4.30pm. Everyone involved will have the chance to look at the birds in the park in much more detail through binoculars and telescopes, and also listen to experts from BirdLife Cyprus and Terra Cypria who will tell all about them and the wetlands that host them. This informative tour of the park and its bird life will be coupled with activities that will further help us appreciate our wetlands.

Participation is free of charge and each participant will also be given a copy of BirdLife Cyprus’ new bird guide for young explorers. So get the kids, wrap them up warm and bring them to the park, where they will learn to walk in nature and appreciate their surroundings.

Celebrating World Wetlands Day 2018
Birdwatching and educational activities by Birdlife Cyprus and Terra Cypria. February 2. Athalassa Park, Nicosia. 2pm-4.30pm. Tel: 22-455072

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