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Restaurant review: Rio Bravo, Limassol

Rio Bravo has long been a dining staple in Limassol; if you aren’t aware of it yet, you should be. It is one of the few places there that offers Mexican cuisine, and its many years of operation means it has carved itself a niche in the market.

Priding itself on being a ‘Western Saloon’, visiting does feel like stepping out of your beautiful seaside island and into the southern ‘west’, aided by the use of wood and wooden structures which are blended with the surrounding trees. It is a great mix of the wild west and Mexican effects. Decorated with Indian figurines and dream catchers, the saloon feels homely and cosy.

As a customer at the restaurant margaritas become the core of the Rio Bravo experience. A staple accompaniment to any meal, if you are thinking of skipping it you shouldn’t. With the option of also getting them in litre and two litre jugs, there’s plenty of opportunity to overindulge.

Another favourite of mine is the dips before the meal. Why? For cheese lovers this is the only place that serves creamy cheese sauce with the nachos, as well as chilli con carne (I have visited just to get a taste of these two), rather than just sticking to the standards. Dips, served with tortilla chips, are the ideal beginning to the meal and a tasty one at that, without filling you up before the main course.

Mains are not only extremely affordable but also quite good. Being a repeat customer, I can vouch for the quality of the food remaining consistent, a key decider for frequent customers. However this is not a Cyprus restaurant that overwhelms with portion size. Tortillas, tacos and burritos consist of one serving, and while the fact they are prepared by the kitchen takes away the messiness of eating they may not be enough for those with a large appetite. My favourite is the seven-layer burrito (€5.90), from a generous range on the menu, stuffed with as many ingredients as possible, or more specifically ground beef, rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream, lettuce, tomato and cheese, tickling all my taste buds simultaneously.

My biggest qualm with Rio Bravo used to be its somewhat erratic service but having improved on that, it has become one of the best options in Limassol for consistently good quality food, served within a warm and comfy atmosphere. If you have yet to discover it, make sure it goes on your to do list this year.

WHERE Rio Bravo, 5 Ariadnis Street, Moutagiaka, Limassol
CONTACT 25 310362
PRICE Burritos from €5.90, grills from €10.90

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