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Young entrepreneurs go green with bamboo toothbrush


Our story is simple. It is one of creativity, change and… bamboo. As a student company participating in the Junior Achievement project of the Senior school, our aim was simple; create a game-changing product. You may be wondering what this wonderful product could possibly be?

Why, it is an everyday toothbrush… with a twist. An extraordinary toothbrush, eco-friendly, bamboo toothbrush, fit with a compartment that holds toothpaste tablets.

We assemble these toothbrushes all on our own, by first buying the toothbrushes, cutting them in half, and then adding the bamboo compartment with a bamboo drawer, that holds 14 toothpaste tablets – therefore, enough for a week.

Indeed, rather intricate work, but our ultimate goal is what drives us. We hope that with every Nboubamboo toothbrush sold, we can gradually decrease the consumption of plastic necessary for the making of toothbrushes, but also of toothpaste tubes, as our fully-equipped bamboo toothbrushes, eliminate the need for both.

Perhaps, with every toothbrush of ours we sell, we can ensure that our Oceans are as clean as the teeth of our customers! As we join in with the effort to rid our oceans of pollution caused by plastic, why should we not also make a few smiles brighter along the way?

Surely, you have found yourselves before a meeting or an important occasion, wishing you had a toothbrush handy in order to brush away the broccoli you had for lunch. With our toothbrush – that includes toothpaste tablets, all compact and snug inside it – you can now brush away, and smile bright with a kick in your step, knowing that your breath is minty fresh, while also contributing to helping us save our planet!

Nboubamboo, indeed, convenient for you!


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Twitter: Nboubamboo

Email: [email protected]




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