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Coronavirus: Other patients claiming they are refused treatment

Patients have complained doctors are refusing to see them even when they have quite serious problems that are not related in any way to the coronavirus.

The health ministry announced on Tuesday that all scheduled operations and doctor’s appointments have been postponed until March 31.

Patients should avoid visiting hospitals, clinics, or their private doctor, the Cyprus medical association said and should instead call and outline their symptoms so their health can be assessed over the phone.

“We receive many complaints from people who are worried after their appointments and operations got cancelled” president of federation of patients’ organisation Marios Kouloumas told the Cyprus Mail.

A pregnant woman on Monday who was experiencing severe vomiting said private doctors refused to examine her.

“She first visited two private clinics and they just closed the door in her face,” Kouloumas said.

The federation referred the pregnant woman to the Nicosia state hospital where she got the help she needed, but there are many patients with different health issues who are having trouble receiving the health care they need.

“When health professionals who know how to protect themselves from the coronavirus are panicking, why are we asking people to not panic?” Kouloumas said.

“Don’t visit the doctor unless it is absolutely necessary,” the medical association has said.

“It is unacceptable. Coronavirus is our priority, but we also need to take care of other health issues,” Kouloumas said.

In cases of health problems unrelated to Covid-19 when the doctor thinks it is necessary to physically examine patients, they arrange a time when no other patients will be in the waiting areas, and all the hygiene rules and measures are followed for the safety of the patient and the doctor, the medical association told Cyprus Mail.

Visits to inpatients are also prohibited starting Wednesday.



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