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EDEK backs Sizopoulos in rejection of BBF

EDEK members voting on Sunday (CNA)

By Constantinos Psillides

Socialist party EDEK officially rejected bi-zonal, bicommunal federation (BBF) as a form of solution to the Cyprus problem, with 98.1 percent of party members voting against it during a party conference on Sunday in Limassol.

Party leader Marinos Sizopoulos had caused a stir in early May when he announced that EDEK no longer believed that a BBF was a viable solution. His decision to steer the party away from the it was backed by the landslide vote.

Only six people disagreed with the party’s decision. It should be noted though that former party leader and House speaker Yiannakis Omirou was not present, nor was former MEP Sofoclis Sofocleous.

Both Sofocleous and Omirou publicly disagreed with Sizopoulos’ stance, with Omirou taking to Twitter on the very day Sizopoulos first came out swinging against the BBF to express his dissatisfaction with his successor. “This is a dangerous stunt that only serves to confuse. EDEK was never trapped in names,” the former party leader had said then.

Following his victory on Sunday, Sizopoulos went as far as to criticise party members who publicly spoke out against the party’s decision.

“While that is expected from the media and some reporters, it is unacceptable that party members publicly speak against a party decision without first meeting with the party press office to be briefed,” Sizopoulos told the party members present.

The party head stressed that his intention wasn’t to stop anyone from expressing their opinion. “But I want it to be made abundantly clear that we will not tolerate anyone distorting the party’s decision in order to serve personal ambitions,” he said.



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