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The thrill of the kill

The days when hunting was a necessity to provide food and clothing for families in the distant past. It now seems that hunting in most countries is for the thrill of the kill and Cyprus is no exception.

My concern is more for the coastal areas than the rugged inland and unpopulated areas of the island although I see a permanent threat to non-hunters wherever.

The season brings with it reports of accidents and even deaths, mostly involving hunters themselves. In coastal areas the possibility of such injury and environmental pollution is on the increase. My particular gripe refers to the heavily populated residential area between the Paramount and Grecian Park hotels near Protaras.

The hinterland has many nature walks, a riding school and a plethora of properties and seasonal visitors. Daily at dawn and dusk and frequently in the afternoons the whole area is abound with dogs barking and howling accompanied by high-powered shotguns for hours on end.

Their close proximity demonstrates ignorance of the 200-metre limit from property. Over a period of time I have actually had fowl droppings in my garden and heard pellets whizzing through the air. Traditionally the next phase will be the arrival of hunting dogs dumped and casually discarded by hunters because of poor performance. Do we have to wait for an unsuspecting tourist or resident to be maimed before action is taken.

The local police, whilst sympathetic imply that residents and visitors will have to put up with this until February. When it comes to human and animal rights mine is not the only voice. I write this plea for action on behalf of many.

Name and address withheld

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