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Birds of a feather flock together

By Alper Ali Riza


I WROTE previously about the gentle wing of a federal Cyprus under which we can all be brothers again. But we first have to deliver a knockout blow on the poxy little parties that poison the atmosphere. I single out two in particular: the black shirts of Elam and the Greens who are birds of a feather on the Cyprus question.

I was incensed the other day at the attack by these poxy little parties on the UN’s man in Cyprus, Espen Barth Eide, for trying to knock some common sense into the process.

Anyone with a modicum of common sense can see that Eide is really trying to help sort out a problem which when compared with the other huge problems in the region is more like a village vendetta than a geopolitical problem. And yet the rejectionist black shirts and Greens continue their idiotic race to the bottom.

I first heard of the black shirts when I was very small. My mother who was Greek Cypriot loved to sing in the mornings and I would often wake up to one memorable song in particular. It was called Koroido Mussolini kani sas den tha mini. Koroido in Greek means ‘ridiculous you.’ In effect the song says: ‘you ridiculous black shirts of Mussolini not one of you will survive the war.’

It was a patriotic song sung by Sofia Vembo whose velvet voice still stirs tin the hearts of the old pallikaria who fought the fascist black shirts in World War II.

The reason Mussolini was regarded as ridiculous was because he and his supporters used to strut about in black shirts, rather like the present day Cypriot black shirts of Elam do, preaching crude nationalism and world domination.

In the end Mussolini’s black shirts were taught a lesson by the Greek pallikaria. They and Hitler’s brown shirts were roundly defeated but not before they caused the death of fifty million people in World War II and the genocide of the Jewish people in Europe.

How dare these black shirts defile our streets and our politics? I hope all progressive forces make their anti-fascist feelings known loud and clear on OXI day on 28 October when Koroido Mussolini’s black shirts were knocked out by the pallikaria on the mountains of northern Greece.

The Green Party of Cyprus is affiliated to the European Green Party. Here is an excerpt from the EGP manifesto: ‘Greens want the EU to actively promote non-violence and a culture of dialogue, mediation, reconciliation and cooperation. The EU has played and can continue to play an important role in conflict prevention, civil conflict-resolution, disarmament, arms control, peace-building and peacekeeping.’

I wonder if getting into bed with the fascist black shirts of Elam and condemning Eide’s tireless efforts at mediation and reconciliation; and poisoning the atmosphere by opposing every stage of President Anastasiades’ attempts to solve the Cyprus problem, marries up with the European Green Party’s manifesto? To me it is as plain as a pikestaff that those shenanigans are more in tune with the manifesto of the fascist black shirts.


Alper Riza is a Queen’s Counsel in the UK and a part-time judge


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