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Contract extended for animal carcas disposal company

The contract of the current company that arranges for the disposal of animal carcasses which expired on Friday will be extended by three months to give time to the two other interested operators to obtain the necessary permits to qualify to submit their bids, Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis said.

The country was in risk of having no means of disposing of animal carcasses on Friday when the contract with the current private operator expires and the two other companies that expressed interest in the job did not qualify.

At the eleventh hour, the ministry decided to request the extension of the contract by three months to give time to the other two companies obtain the necessary permits, Kouyialis said.

He added that his ministry had a backup plan in the case this was not possible, but it would have been difficult to implement.

“Farmers would have to go themselves to private companies dealing with such issues to arrange the collection of dead animals,” Kouyialis said.

The issue, he said, was being handled by the committee on changes since 2013.

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