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Police arrest two for Cablenet attack (Updated)

Police said on Thursday they arrested a 19-year-old and his mother, 54, in connection with an attack on the networks of internet and telephony provider Cablenet, which disrupted service for days.

The pair were brought before a court later in the day and where remanded in custody – eight days for the 19-year-old and two for the mother.

Reports said the suspects were tracked down through their IP address, after company techs had determined that they had experienced a so-called distributed denial of service or DDOS incident, which is an externally initiated overflow of traffic towards network that causes disruption and subsequent downtime.

According to a police statement, the company’s network had been attacked eight times.

The company saw that the attacks came from one of its subscribers who was promptly cut off.

Following that, Cablenet received a call from an unknown woman who spoke broken English, asking for the reason the internet service had been cut off.

The company then received another call from somebody else who claimed the attack originated in the US and the 19-year-old was the target.

Police searched the suspects’ home and seized various items including bank documents showing cash transfers worth €40,000. Officers also found €60,000 in cash.

Two state of the art computers were also found in the 19-year-old’s possession. The computers and his phone were locked and the suspect is refusing to provide the passwords.

Reports said the suspect’s IP address had been connected to a similar case in 2015, which the FBI took interest in.

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