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Waking up memories in Paphos

The Trial of Memories cross-disciplinary events will continue to share memories of the old town of Paphos as part of the European Capital of Culture Pafos2017 events until next Saturday.

The forgotten part of the city in question is between the Municipal Gardens and Moussallas, a district that during the early 20th century became the epicentre of Paphos’ immense urban landscape development. This landscape diminished fast and left behind a feeling of desolation.

The project consists of an exhibition with archival and audiovisual material (written texts, photographs and recorded narrations) that will be featured at the Paphos Municipal Gallery until November 11. All the senses are awakened and visitors will go on a journey in space and time.

The exhibition is open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm and on Saturdays from 10am until 1pm.

Choreographer and dancer Arianna Economou continues to give morning solo dance performances at the Paphos Municipal Gallery, and as of this afternoon she will be adding an evening performance to her agenda. The morning performances, which will be performed today, on Tuesday, on Thursday and next Saturday, are set for noon until 2pm. This solo dance is a way of researching the embodiments of being and investigating the relationship of the body, memory and imagination by stepping into a field of information and responding to it via movement.

The evening performances will weave stories together during three one-hour solo performances tonight, on Tuesday and next Saturday at 7pm, again at the Paphos Municipal Gallery. They are based on photographs and sound recordings of Paphos between 1919 and 1974.

These solo performances are under the name Trails of Memories: Crevices of the mind: Time Lost & Time Found, and aim to bring together fragmented stories while researching the archaeology of human emotions and the complex textures of memory. The choreography, by Economou who has been placing Cyprus dance on the European contemporary dance map since 1981, is built on the town of Paphos, on a layered history filled with legends and myths particularly involving Aphrodite and her son Eros.

Fragmentary narratives with references to sounds and music recreate intimate moments of everyday life. Photographs allow us to reconstruct a society where novel ideas were brought over from Smyrna by refugees. We can look back on a time when urban conventions were introduced from the Hellenised city of Alexandria, which had close ties with the city of Aphrodite.

Economou is the director of the Echo Arts Living Arts Centre. She is also a founding member and the first president of the Nea Kinisi New Movement for Dance Groups Dancers and Choreographers, Cyprus.

Trails of Memories
A site-specific programme embracing multiple aspects of memory through the embodiment of space. Until November 11. Different locations in Paphos. Tel: 26-955166

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