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Diko candidate says he has minister’s comments on tape

Nicolas Papadopoulos

The Cyprus Insurance Association announced on Tuesday they do not tape record their meetings after Diko leader and presidential candidate Nicolas Papadopoulos said he has the health minister on tape promising insurance agents that he would push for a multi-insurance National Health Scheme (Gesy).

“Following recent events, the Insurance Association of Cyprus states that it does not keep recorded minutes of its meetings, internal or with third parties,” the group said.

Insurance agents would like to see a multi-payer insurance system involving private insurers instead of the single-payer system the government wants for the Gesy.

Papadopoulos’ statements drew the ire of Health Minister Giorgos Pamboridis who challenged the Diko leader to make the alleged recording public and explain how and where it was produced to determine if it is genuine and if it is the full recording or a selectively chosen piece that was part of a bigger conversation.

He also asked Papadopoulos whether his claims that he has him on tape constitutes a criminal offence.

“Since he is a fellow lawyer he should read law 92 1 of 1996, article 3, and tell us if ‘we have him on tape’ could be deemed a criminal offence,” Pamporidis said.

The minister said that ever since he assumed his duties as minister he has been promoting the single-payer system.

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