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Penalised by property tax regime

On 25 October I received my annual bill for taxes and services charged by my local community. My neighbour, who lives in a house that is the mirror image of mine, on the same size plot of land, received hers the same day which she showed me. I noted that the values calculated for all these taxes and charges were based on the 2013 valuation of my property, the one that the government decided NOT to use in the IPT calculations back in 2015.

My bill is €260, my neighbour’s bill is €135 because her property is valued at 22 per cent less than mine despite being the same. I then checked the online the valuation of the surrounding properties and discovered that of my two nearest neighbours, one property has a plot size more than double mine, a house double in size with double the occupancy and is valued at 31 per cent lower than mine The other has a plot size at least 1.5 times the size, a house double the size and twice as many occupants and is valued at 40 per cent less than mine. The respective values are: €201,700, €157,500, €122,500 and €139,500.

It seems that because my house is fully legal, i.e. final certificate, registered on the plot etc, I am penalised by taxation. I have lived on the same street for 12 years and the surrounding properties have been there all this time with no additional building work completed during that time.

It seems, just like the proposed Estia scheme, the people who do things right, pay the most!!

I spoke to the mukhtar’s office about it. The clerk said it is the responsibility of the department of lands and surveys who, when I contacted them, said it is the responsibility of the mukhtar!!

Garry Smith

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