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Forestry department issues call to protect island’s snakes (photos)

The Natrix cypriaca

The forestry department on Tuesday stressed the need to protect the island’s snakes and released photos of the species found in Cyprus.

Snakes too are part of the ecosystem and an integral part of the food chain and need our protection, the department said.

All snakes, it added, are protected by European directives but also national legislation on the protection of nature and wildlife.

“The unjustified fear, prejudice and lack of information leads many times to their unjust death at a cost to biodiversity and the environment in general,” the forestry department said.

“Snakes play an important role in the environment since their main food consists of rodents.”

Reducing their populations is a blow, it said, since a reduction in the natural enemies of rodents leads to the use of poisons and other harmful methods of fighting them that are both costly and harmful to the environment. [smart-photo]

Macrοvipera lebetinaDolichophis jugularisHierophis cypriensisHemmorrhois nummiferTelescopus fallaxMalpolon insignitus



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