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Clerides the only true believer in BBF (web)

Nicos Anastasiades, Espen Barth Eide and Mustafa Akinci at the working dinner in Crans Montana

Before going to analysis one must have the facts clear. Clerides for sure believed honestly in a BB Federation but not his party supporters.

The Democratic Rally was created in 1976 as an anti-Makarios force who controlled all the other parties in 1976: DIKO, AKEL and EDEK which together got all the deputies in 1976 elections.

DISY was made up of some supporters of Clerides from the Enieon Party, a lot of supporters of the infamous Yiorgatzis but mostly it was supported by anti-Makarios people who before 1974 were in favour of the union of Cyprus with Greece.

Clerides who was Makarios’s closest ally since 1959 (even betraying his father for his political ambitions) was the head of a party whose supporters did not like him but had no other political option. Clerides knew that so he was pretending to be patriotic, in favour of Greece and tough on the Cyprus problem.

He was elected President twice playing the patriotic card in 1993 and 1998, and failed dismally in 2013 when he campaigned with his true political views supporting the Annan Plan. 70% of his party members voted against the Plan.

DISY’s traditional supporters are the EOKA Fighters Unions, the Nationalist clubs in all villages, nationalist football teams and conservative right-wing voters who identify themselves as Greek.

It is a political myth that the Democratic Rally has changed on the Cyprus Problem. As during Clerides era the leadership supports a BB Federation (In 2004 Anastasiades did support the Annan Plan) that is Averof Neoprhytou, Tornaristis and some others yet the grass root supporters not.

Pourgourides does not represent the majority of the Democratic Rally supporters but a small minority headed by Keti Cleridou, Hasikos, Tornaritis and sometimes Averof, depending on political expediency

To win elections the DISY leadership has to satisfy the two factions of the party and especially the bigger one, that of the conservative nationalists. Anastasiades knows that and he was elected in 2013 after a political agreement with the Democratic Party who then violated it but in 2018, after escaping from Crans Montanna, played again the hardliners card to win a second term.

At the moment Anastasiades does not want to go to the negotiating table because he knows he cannot escape this time and has serious doubts whether an agreed settlement can be voted by the Greek-Cypriots and he does not want to be seen as the one who goes against the national will for the second time. He is playing safe.

Think Again!

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