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Ruling alliance to win ‘at least 2 MEPs’

Ruling alliance to win ‘at least 2 MEPs’

By Constantinos Psillides

A POLL commissioned by state broadcaster CyBC shows the ruling coalition DISY and EVROKO taking the top spot in next month’s European elections, winning by 35,3 per cent of the vote, with main opposition party AKEL taking 22,5.

By this measure, the DISY-EVROKO alliance would win at least two of the six seats for members of the European Parliament (MEP) on May 25.

Compared with the 2009 elections, DISY dropped its share by a mere 0.3 per cent, despite being in power during the worst financial crisis that included a haircut on deposits, harsh austerity measures and controversies surrounding the privatisation of semi-governmental organisations. EVROKO got 4.12 per cent in the last Euro elections but the poll doesn’t differentiate between the two parties.

AKEL, on the other hand, could see its support base slump to 22.4 per cent since the last Euro elections, where it got 34.9 per cent and narrowly lost the race to DISY.

Centre-right DIKO comes in third with 11.4 per cent (12.28 in 2009), the EDEK-Green Party coalition with 7.8 per cent (EDEK got 9.5 per cent, the Greens 1.5 per cent in 2009), while the Citizens’

Alliance, in it’s first election battle, got 5.3 per cent of the projected vote, according to the CyBC poll.

As regards voter movement, the Citizens’ Alliance gets most of its votes from EDEK (who supported party’s leader Giorgos Lillikas in the 2013 presidential elections) and DIKO, according to the poll.

The extreme-right wing party ELAM fared worse than before, only getting 1 per cent of the vote according to the poll, 0.8 percentage points less than in the parliamentary elections of 2011. This is ELAM’s first Euro election battle.

According to the poll, abstentions could once again be high although not as in 2009 when 40 per cent of the electorate didn’t bother to cast their vote, while the CyBC poll showed that only 27 per cent aren’t interested in the elections.

The poll also dealt with the Cyprus problem and the negotiation process that has recommenced.

Sixty three per cent believe that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots are better off living together, while 34 favour partition. Also, 60 per cent of people that took part in the poll believe that confidence building measures like opening up the fenced-off area of Varosha would help the negotiation process, 62 per cent claim that they understand the term “bi-communal, bi-zonal solution”, while most of the people admitting to not knowing what the term means hail from AKEL.

President Anastasiades’ handling of the Cyprus problem has people divided, since 44 per cent approve of him, while 50 per cent disagree.

While people might disagree with the way the Cyprus problem is handled, the overwhelming majority, or 68 per cent, believe that solving the Cyprus problem will boost the island’s economy.

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