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Why give so much space to the Godless?

Yet again we are reminded by the ‘logical’ thinking Mr Dickenson that God does not exist because we must first know God’s origin, so until then, we earthlings must blank our minds and not be so simple minded and use logic to deduce that what is, must have been made.

You have honoured him with a cleverly written three quarter page licence to air his ‘nothing’ theories, maybe unaware that in mathematics zero can mean everything or nothing and it’s clever use can make 1+1 not equal 2.

It is now clear that your paper’s new policy is that to meet the criteria for Sunday Mail space, it must be to do with troika, money, banks or letters challenging our customs and religious practices… just like the reader who called our Church synod’s decision on gays fit for only fools to practice, and not even one contradictory reader’s letter to answer him.

At the risk of being tagged of unsound mind by objecting to what is becoming a norm, do you think that when history repeats our foretold catastrophe, would the future human race that is predicted to again gradually degenerate to today’s level in a thousand years time, also disbelieve, as many do now, about the punishment dished out by God to Sodom and Gomorrah.

A Dinou, Nicosia

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