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Bar review: Neverland Rock bar, Nicosia

By Constantinos Psillides

Inspired by the famed Metallica song Enter Sandman, which in turn was inspired by the fictitious Neverland in JM Barrie’s works, this loud rock bar is situated in the old town of Nicosia, just next to the Constanza moat.

Very much like the home of Peter Pan, the boy who wouldn’t grow up, Neverland is one of those places where time has stood still. Visiting the rock bar, one is greeted by classical rock and metal anthems, the soundtrack of rebellious youth and defiant adulthood.

Wood is the main decorative element in Neverland –like any self respecting rock den – with high, round tables and bar that almost runs the length of the establishment. In one corner there is a small platform, where a local band usually plays, as the owners are very supportive of the Cyprus rock/metal music scene.

A pool table decorates the far corner of Neverland, although it’s easier for one to get prompt and effective service from a public sector employee than to get a turn at it.

The bar’s dress code is casual. Long hair for head banging and beards are optional.

The bar’s clientele, like its selection of beers, diverse. Angsty students, goths and metalheads coexist harmoniously with the more mainstream community, united under the umbrella of the good rock music!

Beer is the main beverage, followed closely by whiskey. The bar offers some foreign brands, although the local brews, Carlsberg and Keo are chiefly in demand. Drinks are usually served with a side of popcorn or mixed nuts.

Neverland is a young bar, established in 2009. Doors open at 9pm and every Wednesday is Greek rock and punk night.

So, if you are into rock music, rock atmosphere and a fan of beer, Neverland bar in old town Nicosia is the place for you!

Where: 1 Nikiforos Fokas street, Nicosia
Contact: 99 021362
When: from 9pm

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