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Stray dog left dead for three days in municipal pound

Photo: Animal Party

By Bejay Browne

A stray dog was left in a caged area at Polis municipality dog pound for three days after it had died, according to the Animal Party Cyprus (APC).

The graphic photos, which were taken by members of an APC monitoring group in the area, ‘speak for themselves’ said the organisation.

Despite several calls from the Cyprus Mail, the mayor of Polis was not available to comment.

APC head Kyriacos Kyriacou said that the dog was discovered three days ago and has since been moved by volunteers.

He said the incident highlights the dire situation found at many pounds and shelters across the island, adding that “unfortunately such occurrences are happening more frequently”.

“When will another dog die in a pound, in an hour or a day? This is a regular occurrence,” he said.

Kyriacou added that the solution lies with the government and authorities.

The APC also denounced the municipal council of Polis, claiming that it failed to comply with basic care rules.

“The solution isn’t foreign volunteers who are sensitive to the needs of others. It’s not up to them to do a job which other people are being paid to do. Money needs to be allocated to run dog pounds properly. Animals are being left without water, food, or veterinary care and in their own excrement. It’s not a solution to keep quiet,” he said.

He said that the APC planned to visit the area and speak to the mayor, adding that its time municipalities and higher authority’s stepped up and took responsibility for the dire situation of animal neglect and abuse which is occurring daily in Cyprus.

“The situation needs to change from the top to the bottom and if the APC can help, we will meet with the municipalities to do what we can to assist. It’s not only bad for the dogs but it bad for Cyprus. The APC will continue to press to change attitudes.”

The volunteers informed the municipality and the police of the dog’s demise and then removed the dog said Kyriacou.

“Some shelters and pounds are doing a good job and some are not, they do nothing to try and find the dogs’ owners or re-home these animals as required by law.”

The APC announcement concluded: “We call on the Minister of Interior and  the Union of Municipalities and Communities to assume their responsibilities,” it said.

It added that those found to be breaking the law should be brought to justice.





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