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Away with the many fairytales

By Maria Gregoriou

On Sunday we gave you a sneak peek into the world of fairytales as it will unfold during the Cyprus Storytelling Festival today in Limassol, tomorrow in Nicosia and in Paphos on Saturday.

To brush off the dust from the words of Albert Einstein that we had in our Sunday Mail, ‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairytales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairytales.’ But maybe being smart isn’t the only thing you would like your child to be, maybe you also care about their creative side. Not to worry, as Picasso said ‘all children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.’

Why bring up a theoretical physicist and a painter? Because they were great minds with great talents, and fairytales feed the mind and train it to think (hence Einstein), but also give the imagination room to grow (there’s Picasso for you).

So, to give your child’s mind room to grow, develop and create, the Cyprus Storytelling Festival will be underway today at 5pm at Limassol Market (A Dimotiki Agora – Pantopolio).

The first hour and a half will be dedicated to storytelling, during which six writers will present some of their stories. These stories are suitable for children over five.

Next Evi Gerokosta will present her new book A Heart to the Right, and also share some of her other stories with children and, why not, adults. She will tell us about a wand that hides away in a violin, a green dress and about some small and large alarm clocks.

After a small break the evening will continue with storytelling for young and old, but be warned that, as the kids’ bedtime approaches, the stories will be more suitable for grown-ups.

Now moving onto tomorrow and what will be going on at the ARTos Foundation in Nicosia. Things kick off at 5.30pm when Sofilia Tsorteki and Fotini Tsaknaki will present a narrative performance of Aesop’s fables, then, at 7pm, Elenitsa Georgiou Kiverniti will perform a narrated fairytale to children over six, with live music and a magic box under the name With Love and Boldness.

Lastly, George Evgenikos will be in charge of narrating while Michael Pakkos will provide the music to a story about cycles, the cycle of life, the cycle of wisdom and of love. This is obviously too serious for children, so if you are a teenager or an adult this is just for you.

Now that things are all warmed up, Paphos will have its say on Saturday at Technoplis 20 cultural centre where, from 11am until 12pm, Skevi Tsiakka will give a narration under the name Who Runs the World. Tsiakka, who will be narrating for people over six years old, will concentrate on the question of what wins out in the end, right or wrong?

The next reading will be at 4pm when Sofilia Tsorteki and Fotini Tsaknaki will repeat the performance they gave in Nicosia.

The events in Limassol are free while in Nicosia and Paphos, each performance has a charge of €5.

The festival will return to Limassol for the last two days but for more on that visit

Cyprus Storytelling Festival
A festival of storytelling, performances, music, book fairs and exhibitons
May 14. Limassol Metropolis hall. 5pm-10.30pm. Free. In Greek. Tel: 99-526772
May 15. Artos Foundation, 64 Ayios Omoloyiton Avenue, Nicosia. 5.30pm-9.30pm. €5 for each performance
May 16. Technopolis 20 Cultural Centre, Nikolaou I. Nikolaidi Avenue 18, Paphos. 11am-12pm and 4pm-5pm. €5 for each performance

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