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Watch the rebels go

A good time for our nightly adventures doesn’t always have to include a dancing party, a rave, a DJ on the decks or even a singer and a guitar, sometimes it can have everything to do with watching other people dance and celebrate.

And on Thursday the Rebel Dancers Academy will celebrate its 25th anniversary by putting on a spectacular show.

Get ready to watch members of the Rebel Dancers crew take to the stage and present some of their hip-hip, bobbing moves. Four of these dancers are currently completing their training in Paris, and have won several international prizes.

Rebel Dancers Academy is the only organisation in Cyprus dealing with Street dancing such as Hip-Hop, Break dance, Locking, Popping and also Belly Dance.

The academy’s students have participated in a number of show, TV appearances, commercials and other events. Every year it stages an annual show at Skali Aglantsia to large audiences.

But the academy is not all about dance, it is also active in raising awareness about modern issues and the members have also helped children with special needs.

So let the Rebel Dancers entertain you and if you have kids take them along, it may be a spark to ignite their hidden talents.

Rebel Dance 25 Years – Living the Dream
Dance show by the Rebel Dancers. February 25. Strovolos Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. 8pm. €12. Tel: 22-313010

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