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Bodies make new worlds

The Kypria International Festival 2016 continues this week with the dance performance A City Seeking its Bodies at the THOC new building in Nicosia.

The performance, choreographed by Alexandra Waierstall, moves along a thin line between fiction and reality. The dancers act like prophets who weave the future and, by stimulating thoughts and emotions, lead the viewer to an alternative reality – a utopian space like science fiction.

According to dance journalist Melanie Suchy “that is the strength of Alexandra Waierstall who has choreographed for ten years in Dusseldorf and became known with her work Crossing Borders.

“A city seeking its bodies seems like a fine synthesis of it and from her following pieces, which deal with temporality, with generations and with wind and water. With her six famous dancers she marks the border, in the border, with the border, between man and object, plant, animal, earth, air. Between staying and going. Between mechanics in the swinging arms, and pleasurable movement of tension and levitation. You must be able to look in detail. Just as the dancers sit quietly at the end and in the same direction as we look. As if at a bank of a river.’’

A City Seeking its Bodies
Choreography by Alexandra Waierstall as part of the Kypria International Festival 2016. September 9-10. THOC, Nicosia. 8.30pm. €10/5. Tel: 70-002212

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