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Nicole Kidman has thought about adopting more children

Nicole Kidman has thought about adopting more children, even though she has her hands full at the moment

The 49-year-old actress – who adopted Isabella, 23, and Connor, 20, with her former partner Tom Cruise, and has biological daughters Faith, five, and Sunday Rose, eight, with her husband Keith Urban – has admitted the couple have contemplated having more children and would “never say ‘never'” to expanding their brood.

Speaking to the Mail Online about her plans to expand her family in the future, the golden-haired beauty – who plays the role of the adopted mother, Sue Brierley, in ‘Lion’ – said: “It’s something I have thought about.

“But you never say ‘never’ about children, do you?”

However, the pair – who tied the knot in 2006 – have revealed they have their “hands full” with their children at the moment.

She said: “[We] have got our hands full at the moment.”

And the ‘Australia’ star has revealed the upcoming movie starring Dev Patel , who plays Saroo, felt “emotionally connect” to the screenplay because it touched on the topic of adoption, which she has experienced.

She said: “Of course, when I choose things I have to be emotionally connected. And with this, I was — through the adoption.

“Also, there’s the power of the unconditional love that a mother gives. A mother is there, whether it’s Sue Brierley in the film, or me with my children.

“It’s important to emphasise … because a lot of times, with adoptive parents, people think: ‘Oh, it’s for other reasons.’ People have said that to me; and they said it to Sue. But when it’s the choice, it’s just the choice. She talks about the vision she had of adopting the children; and I relate to that. It happened to me, too.”

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