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Ricky Gervais is developing a new sitcom

The British comedian has said he is writing a new show about a man who is forced to move in with a relative

The 55-year-old comedian is known for starring in comedy shows such as the UK version of ‘The Office’ and ‘Extras’, but the star – who hasn’t appeared in a sitcom since the end of ‘Derek’ in 2014 – has said he’s “written five pages” of a new show about a man who is forced to move in with an “absolute loser relative”.

He said: “I had five projects which I have narrowed down to one sitcom. I have written five pages. I shouldn’t say but the idea is I get separated from my wife and I have to move in with an absolute loser relative.

“I have lost everything. I haven’t got a house, I haven’t got a job because she kept me and I was a bit of a kept man, and now I have to start dating again. It’s horrendous. At 55, I’ve got to start from scratch, and all I want is her back. So it’s about me trying to cope without this life-long partner and how the real world is harsh. It is going to be harsh.”

But fans of the star might have to wait some time before the idea is finished and pitched to television networks, as Ricky says he’s too “obsessed” with stand-up comedy to think about anything else.

He added: “Honestly, I am obsessed with stand-up now. I was thinking I might go out straight after this tour and do another one.”

Meanwhile, Ricky doesn’t think it’s likely fans will ever see his character David Brent – who he made famous on ‘The Office’ – again, despite the success of the 2016 movie ‘David Brent: Life on the Road’.

He told The Sun newspaper: “I just wanted to revisit him, like catching up with an old friend. Never say never. It’s a bit on the edge of sad versus comedy already and revisiting him at 60, still trying to be a rock star, there might not be any comedy left. It might be too tragic.”

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