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Fake smoked salmon recalled

The salmon is actually trout

The state health services recalled from the market on Friday batches of packaged fish sold as smoked salmon which is actually trout.
According to an announcement, the state health services discovered during lab tests on fish sold as smoked salmon under the brand 5 Oceans, that the species Salmo salar (Atlantic salmon) which is inscribed on the package was not detected in the sample tested. What the lab found is that the fish in the pack is Oncorhynchus mykiss – Rainbow trout and species of salmonid ‘whose economic value is less than that of Salmo salar’.
The health services said they are investigating in cooperation with other state services a case of fraud and misleading consumers. This product does not, however, pose any risk to consumer health, it said.

The details of the product are:
Description on pack: Smoked Salmon Sliced/ΚΑΠΝΙΣΤΟΣ ΣΟΛΟΜΟΣ ΦΕΤΕΣ
Brand: 5 Oceans
Importer: 5 OCEANS FOOD LTD (CY CYF 18 ΕΚ)
Quantity: Net weight 0.100 g
Ingredients: SALMON (Salmo salar), Salt
Barcode: 5291002000364
This concerns several batches whose due dates are 13-12-2017 or 14-12-2017 or 17-12-2017 or 21-12-2017.
The health services said they have already informed the importer that processes and distributes the product in question to the Cypriot market to immediately recall it.

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