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We can’t wait to leave Limassol

I read with concern about the volume of new high-rise buildings that Limassol is preparing to erect, 60 your paper states.

We live part time in Limassol and part time in the UK, we have been coming to Cyprus for over thirty years, and in that time watched Cyprus develop and upgrade the roads and pavements mostly for the good.

However, the latest development i.e high buildings has left us disgusted with the Limassol building regulators.

How can a building be constructed blocking out the view we and many more have had for over 25 years without compensation?

It’s bad enough that they are building low rise, yet these ugly tower blocks do nothing for Limassol other than line the pockets of

greedy builders, properly backed with dirty Russian money, so many say this.

Limassol will become a town of empty apartment blocks. This can been seen already around the Yermasoyia area a number of blocks as still empty having been completed last year?

We for one, are looking to sell and get away from the dirt dust and noise that persists from 6.45am until sometimes) 7pm

on a Saturday, six days a week.

Limassol is becoming a concrete jungle with all the problems that this will bring with it.

D W Vango, Limassol

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