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How can passing Microsoft 70-483 exam be useful for your career

Programming and coding are two things that have a huge scope in the IT industry. With everything being digitized and big or small companies working on software and computers, the need for the programmers is increasing with each passing day. Since the demand of the programmers is increasing, the number of people who want to make a career in this field is also increasing. Hence to succeed and make a name for yourself, you need to have some special certified skills that can set you apart from the others.

Microsoft is one of the biggest companies that designs and provides IT solution. They also provide a lot of certifications for the candidates. One such certification is MCSA: Web Applications.

Prepaway, one of the exams you need to pass to get MCSA: Web Applications certification is 70-483 exam. If you want to know how to do it and what effects can it have on your career, you should read this article.

What is Microsoft 70-483Certification Exam?

Microsoft 70-483 certification exam (Programming in C#) is a test to measure the technical as well as theoretical knowledge of the candidates in the field of C#programming. Microsoft 70-483 certification exam is targeted to the developers and all the topics given in the syllabus are based on C# programming only.

How Can You Get 70-483 Exam Passed?

All the students who are over the age of 18 years are eligible for Microsoft 70-483 exam. People with some experience in the field of C# programming are given preference since they are able to score higher marks in the exam.

● Fee

The registration or exam fee is $165 approximately. The cost of Microsoft 70-483 exam registration is different for different countries depending on their currency value. The value shown here is for the USA students. The candidates are allowed to reappear for 70-483 exam whenever they want if they do not pass the last exam. However, they will need to re-register themselves and pay the fee again.
Some fee relaxation is given to the people who are a part of Microsoft or its partner companies. The entire terms and conditions are available on the website.

● Target audience

The target audience for 70-843 exam is the students who have some experience in the programming of essential business logic for different application types and platforms using C#.
Apart from these people, the students who are currently pursuing their computer science degree can also apply for the Microsoft 70-483 exam. Additionally, anyone who wants does have a career in programming or wants to add MCSA: Web Applications certification to their skill set is suitable to apply for 70-483 exam.

● Languages Accepted

The candidates can give Microsoft 70-483 Exam in seven languages. These languages include English, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional or Simplified) and Japanese.

What is 70-483 exam Pattern?

The exam pattern is almost same for all the Microsoft exam. The students are given 50-60 questions. We say 50 to 60 because the number of questions is not fixed. The students are given 120 minutes or 2 hours to solve these questions. The time can also vary sometimes. The candidates need to score at least 700/1000 in order to get certified. The questions are all multiple choice question and the exam is a computer-based exam that takes place in one of the centres of Microsoft.

The syllabus basically includes four major topics and several minor topics. The major skills that are tested in this exam are:
● Create and use types;
● Managing program flow;
● Implementing data access;
● Debugging application and implementation of security.

All the questions come from these topics. You need to have practical as well as theoretical knowledge in detail.

What Kind of Training Material Do You Need?

There are numerous kinds of 70-483training materials that are available for the candidates who are appearing inMicrosoft 70-483 certification exam. The study material includes:

Online Links
Online links are available on the official Microsoft website and from ExamSnap where you can find all the relevant study material related to your exam. The study material can be bought along with the exam registration voucher. This study material is most opted for by the students.

● Books

There are some books also available about all the above topics that you can refer to. These books are available at all major bookstores. Make sure that the books you buy are legit and have been approved by Microsoft.

● Free Study Material

Use some useful tips for preparing for Microsoft 70–483 certification exam. For example, you can look for free study material from popular online sources. The free study material can be used as an extra help along with the other books and online PDFs. This material includes educational videos, some blogs and much more. However, you can also prepare the entire syllabus from the material available online. All you need to do is, know the syllabus well and search for the right kind of course material online.

● One On One Class

The one in one class is a good strategy for preparing for the candidates who do not have a lot of knowledge about the subject and need a handheld preparation strategy. During these classes, you will be learning from some of the most experienced teachers and will understand the topics well.

● Online Courses

The online courses are another way where you can get your study material. If you register for online courses, you might be able to get some books, lectures and also practice papers that are very important for getting high marks in Microsoft 70-483 certification exam.

Is MCSA: Web Applications Helpful for Your IT Career?

Microsoft MCSA: Web Applications certification is very important for the people who want to have a successful career through programming. As said above, Microsoft is one of the most renowned IT company in the world and this certification is valid all throughout the world. This certification will help you stand out from the crowd and will get your preferences for job interviews and also some promotions. Additionally, the knowledge you gain from the study of Microsoft 70-483 certification exam can be used to serve your customers better if you have your own business.

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