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Property questions: Do we have to pay after municipality dug up private road?

The road inside our development of 25 villas has been designated as private.
Recently there was a water leak under the road and the residents naturally assumed that the utility provider, the municipality, would be responsible for the entire cost.
The municipality did send someone to repair the leak but refused to pay for the cost of excavating and reinstating the road and pavement.
The potential cost of such future problems could be very large and I would appreciate your advice on who you think is liable and how we could go about getting the road adopted or indeed our municipal tax reduced.
Kind regards
BJ Hughes

Since the road is a private, the costs should be covered by the residents I am afraid.
AP Loizou

Is it against fire regulations to store firewood against the wall of a property?
My upstairs neighbour is using the space under the stairs to store her wood, the area actually belongs to us and I’ve asked her to move it because we are trying to sell the property and have had feedback that viewers found it offputting. She has refused and made all types of threats when I started to remove it.
Can I go to the Fire Inspector and complain? Will they do anything about it?
Many thanks

Your suggestion is correct and you can also ask your fire insurance company on the subject.
AP Loizou

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