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Restaurant review: Edem’s Yard, Larnaca

I think it’s fair to say that the cuisine in Cyprus has evolved rapidly over the last few years. New ideas, creativity and a variety of different types of restaurants have been injected in to our little island. One fairly new place that fits that description is Edem’s Yard in Larnaca. Located down one of the little side streets that connect Zinonos Kiteos to Phinikoudes, Edem’s yard is a breakfast and brunch yard. The entrance is simple yet classy, two taupe coloured doors with Edem’s yard in shiny silver on a brilliant white backdrop on either side.

This was actually the third time I had attempted to try Edem’s yard. They have a policy of making no reservations and the previous times I had not fancied waiting in what was a very long queue! There was still a queue this time but at least unlike other times, we were able to get in through the door so decided to wait it out. It is a little frustrating when you have been stood waiting and the host comes and announces that a table for two has just been freed up and the people who arrived 10 minutes after you get a table. Despite this, Edem’s yard consistently has a steady flow of people coming back so this is testament to the quality of the food they serve. Luckily, we only waited 15 minutes and when you are in good company, that isn’t a very long time to wait. The host Stefanos, was very friendly and helpful and made sure that we were comfortable.

We were presented with the menu and while it doesn’t seem like there are many options available, there was definitely something for everyone and it all sounded so tempting that it took a while to actually decide! We found ourselves trying to take sneak peeks at food that was coming out of the kitchen to help us make up our minds. It actually didn’t help much because it all looked fantastic! We finally decided. The Croque Madame, a grilled ham and cheese sandwich covered in béchamel sauce and a fried egg for me and the Avocadaise, a creamy avocado puree with scrambled eggs and crispy bacon over rustica bread. We both ordered a coffee and shortly after one was brought out. Expecting to receive the other coffee more or less straight after; we waited for a while and in the end, had to ask for it. Unfortunately, it had been forgotten. The waitress was very apologetic and brought one out very quickly.

As the place was absolutely heaving, we waited quite a while for our food to arrive. While waiting it gave us the opportunity to take in the wonderful surroundings. It is very clear that a lot of thought has gone in to the design and trying to make the place unique. A beautiful stone wall added a lot of character and the many large plants added plenty of lush greenery. Pictures on the wall in large gilded frames that had a lot of intricate detail on them added to the ambience and the spotless chess board like floor as you enter is a nice touch.

Our food arrived and after having seen lots of wonderful dishes previously, I was a little underwhelmed at what my Croque Madam looked like. What it lacked in presentation, it made up for in flavour. The béchamel had a wonderfully creamy flavour without being too rich and over powering. However, it did mask the flavour of the ham a little. I wasn’t left feeling full afterwards, which was a good excuse to start thinking about a dessert! My partner was very pleased with her dish. The bacon was very crispy and the light, flavoursome ‘avocadaise’ was a great accompaniment to the fluffy scrambled eggs.

All bar one of the desserts is either pancake or toasted French brioche based. I was tempted by the chestnut brioche as the chestnut jam intrigued me while my partner opted for the Italove, ricotta stuffed pancakes with maple syrup and honeycomb butter. There wasn’t really enough of a helping of the chestnut jam to make much of a difference but I was still happy with the white chocolate and mastic ice cream that came with it. The Italove was more unique. The flavours perfectly balanced. There was just the right amount of creamy ricotta cheese so that it wasn’t overpowering and allowed you to enjoy all the other flavours.

A bit of a heads up before you venture down there; make sure you take plenty of cash! We discovered when it was time to pay that strangely, they do not accept visa. Luckily, we had enough cash to cover the bill and not have to wait while one of us ventured out to try and find an ATM!

I would definitely go back to Edem’s yard as I want to try other dishes on the menu that I feel like I missed out on.



SPECIALTY Breakfast and brunch

WHERE Edem’s Yard, 8 Karaoli & Dimitriou Street, Larnaca

WHEN Tuesday to Sunday 9.15-5pm, Wednesday closes at 4pm

CONTACT 97 714793

HOW MUCH On average, €7.50 for ‘main’ and €6.50 for dessert



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