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It is not by accident that “ hypocrisy” happens to be a greek word.

Four thousand people showed up to watch the production of Antigone

It is not by accident that “ hypocrisy” happens to be a greek word.

Everybody can have an opinion about “ business”with the other side.I certainly do not approve and I am never likely to visit the under occupation part of Cyprus.

BUT my sympathies are with the singer.

Her courage to answer her critics in the right manner is to be admired.

This is not the only time that our hypocrisy has been exposed.

Some time ago Jennifer Lopez was going to get paid a lot of money.We explained to her that she was going to perform in an illegal state.She cancelled!

Some years after the President of the ROC was watching Antigone performed( by actors from Greece!) in occupied Salamis to promote “good relations”.

WHEN and IF we do our duty then we can ask others.

Until then we should thank A.Kalogeropoulou for exposing our hypocrisy.


Greek singer hits back after performance in north

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