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We could not have asked for better treatment travelling with our pet through Larnaca

The pet screening room at Larnaca airport (Photo: Hermes)

While vacationing for four months at our place in Limassol I had the opportunity of reading in your paper, and others, articles on how animals were being mistreated at Larnaca Airport.

I recall that even one cat was put on the moving baggage ramp, escaped from its cage then got caught up among the bags and was found crushed by a female baggage handler who had to leave work because of the unfortunate incident. Well, our plans were to leave Cyprus on the 28th of July and we have a small 7-year-old dog that we had brought with us from California so I was kind of apprehensive as we approached Larnaca airport.

My apprehensions quickly subsided when we were met at the check-in by their staff who were so warm and friendly towards Lola (our dog).  But the dreaded customs checking area was next.  What a happy surprise!  There we met a Cypriot assistant that almost walked me through the checking procedure holding Lola all the time, even at the x-ray stop.  He made sure that we did not have to wait in long lines nor do any unnecessary unpacking.  I wish I would have gotten his name but I also want to thank all of those working at the customs area.

We went through a few more airports on our way back to the States but none of them showed the honest concern for Lola that we received at Larnaca airport.


Ernest E. Conklin, Palm Springs, Ca.

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