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I haven’t yet found this new price list yet

I haven’t yet found this new pricelist. I have the GHS-PHARMACEUTICAL-PRODUCTS-CATALOGUE-20190528 spreadsheet which seems to no longer be available (I recollect it as being with the annual reports on the Greek version of the website) but philenews re-published it as farmaka.pdf for which one may search. The Single Price List (Ενιαίος Τιμοκατάλογος of 11/11/19 aka dmlpricelist_gr) is on the Greek version of the MoH’s Pharmacy Services page via the graphic labelled ‘Τιμοκατάλογος Φαρμακευτικών Σκευασμάτων’ but (perhaps unsurprisingly) I missed it when it was initially published.

Perhaps GeSY has succumbed to convention and started to conform to the established standards for government websites which involve keeping information out of the public domain and not providing updates. Shame. Although policy determination and overall planning of GeSY are an astonishing fail on a massive scale, the people charged with actually designing and implementing the computer systems seem, by and large, to have tried to do a professional job in attempting to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear (though the omission from the implementation plan of adequate training for GPs and relevant others is inexcusable).

Identifying specific recent changes in the extra costs I’ve incurred for individual medications has not been possible because the GeSY Contribution is quoted as an aggregate figure on the invoice/receipt and not analysed across individual drugs supplied on a prescription. Note that even before these latest changes I have been required to pay a Personal Contribution II despite asking for (and receiving) the cheapest generic rather than the brand chosen at random by my Personal Doctor (who didn’t appreciate that whatever item he selected from the list of equivalent medications made a difference to the amount I would be asked to pay).

The new price list

Prescription charges increase as Gesy reviews drug categories

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