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Do you really think our children are safer in the UK?

The UK government had to put a ration on grocery buying due to people panicking and hoarding supplies

I wish to express my extreme disappointment regarding the decision of the Republic of Cyprus to prohibit the entrance of Cypriot nationals/UK Citizens to their home country.

This is indeed an unprecedented decision – one that NO OTHER COUNTRY worldwide resorted to despite the difficult conditions in their country. They said that it would be safer for the students to stay in the UK than to return home. We knew that things were going to get bad in the UK and I don’t understand why the government didn’t foresee or predict the situation properly!!

As the days pass the situation gets worse and the problems are piling up, unfortunately the situation will become worse in the UK and in Cyprus and our government is still turning a blind eye to the plight of these students. We have seen in the past couple of days, that due to the UK government’s lack of measures, numbers are suddenly shooting up, with members of the very same government (and the Royal family) falling victims to their lackadaisical approach.

I also find the public opinion towards the students atrocious – this negative opinion was fueled by the majority of the Cypriot media and it does not help matters, because they are saying that the parents are over reacting, which I believe is unfounded since everyone is aware that the situation is getting out of control in other European countries.

I really don’t understand why the media is taking such a stand against the students when the main story should be that the Cyprus Government’s decision was totally unconstitutional and unethical. I mean it is jaw dropping unbelievable that they would dump their responsibility onto another country. In addition, it is worth noting that the Cypriot students are the only students left in their dorms around the UK, which is actually disgraceful.

I understand the issues and safety measures involved in bring these student back, however, the must be a solution – there is more that health issues and lack of provisions, if the situation continues and they are stuck in their dorms for 3-4 months unable to go anywhere – there are mental health issues involved that no-one has even considered.

What I want to know is whether these adults -who are themselves so scared under the circumstances- have put themselves in these students shoes – cooped up all day in a very small room, trying to process what is happening and trying to be strong and keep it all together – I have even spoken to many parents who’s kids are all alone. We expect so much of these kids when even the majority of the adults are scared to death!

I hope that you will continue to publish such articles regarding the students since its seems they are being unfairly portrayed as being in a privileged position in the UK and they are safe there and if they come back to Cyprus they will infect everyone.

M.A. Papadopoulou, a concerned parent

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