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What’s Eaten Where: Maine

Whats Eaten Where1

Well of course they eat lobster in Maine! This is the most north-easterly state famous worldwide for its seafood. In fact, 90 per cent of the country’s lobster supply comes from just this one state – over 60 million pounds of crustacean each year!

Known for its chilly winters, this is a state that’s blanketed in forest. Nicknamed ‘The Pine Tree State’, more than 80 per cent of its area is covered in pine trees.

Maine is also known as the birthplace of prohibition: in 1851, this was the first state to ban the sale and manufacture of alcohol. But then there are a lot of firsts: donut holes were invented in Maine; retail giant LL Bean was founded in Freeport; and Portland boasts the world’s only cryptozoology museum, dedicated to the study of mysterious creatures such as the yetis, bigfoot, and lake monsters.

But back to those lobsters – which are taken so seriously that the University of Maine even has its own Lobster Institute, dedicated to supporting the state’s lobster industry, and to developing sustainable lobster-fishing practices worldwide!

What Eaten Where2No visit to Maine is complete without a spot of lobster, and locals have perfected every recipe: boiled, baked, steamed, stewed, grilled, in a chowder or in a roll. The key to getting the best taste, it appears, is working with live, fresh lobster.

That said, there’s more to Maine than lobster. The state is the single largest producer of blueberries in the US, producing 99 per cent of the nation’s blueberries, and baking them into yummy blueberry cakes. Also on the dessert menu is Whoopie Pie. A true Maine staple, this rich, delicious cake sandwich consists of two dark-chocolate rounds (roughly the size of a hamburger) filled with a rich, dense stuffing of marshmallow or buttercream. Occasionally made with pumpkin or gingerbread rounds (usually in autumn), the Whoopie Pie is iconic in Maine, and goes back generations.



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