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Luxury travel ‘strategists’ choose Cyprus for innovative experiences

Troodos Mountains With Snow 1
Troodos mountains: Strategists are sending travelers to Cyprus in winter.

Travel strategists are choosing Cyprus as a source of new experiences for wealthy travelers.

‘We cater to travel experiences, not tourism’ – so say the latest luxury specialists in the industry, the so-called ‘travel strategists.’ They offer a range of cutting-edge ideas for these experiences: ‘Philantourism,’ ‘immersive experiences,’ ‘daycations,’ ‘at-home experiences’ – all of this and more is changing the way affluent consumers think about their vacations.

One such strategist is the London-based Original Travel, which offers a mix of Cyprus authenticity at the sea and the mountains – “you can tailor the mix and aspects you want exactly as you choose, or, with your children, find an especially  family-friendly hotel and fun (and educational) things to do. We also target authentic experiences, for example in Kalopanayiotis,” says Kate Little, a member of the travel strategist’s European team.

Original Travel also offers Philantourism in Cyprus, meaning that a local destination is selected on the basis that the traveler will spend time and money in that community, providing support.

Tom Barber, co-founder of London-based Original Travel, says a “high-touch travel company” needs to be “up there with a financial advisor or lawyer.” Original Travel has been developing long-term stays from one to six months for wealthy travellers who seek to get some in-depth knowledge of a destination, rather than just see the sights.

For the wealthy with children who did not wish to travel during the pandemic, Original Travel created a summer camp in the home. More than 50 clients signed up for the carefully planned camp, which included a home schooling programme.

And the strategist offers daycations: “For just under $5,000, up to eight people go 1-2 hours away for a really great day trip.” This often included a top quality lunch and access to a remote area,” Little notes.

Philantourism allows the affluent to combine doing good and good travel. “All you need to do is choose a particular place and then explore its culture, history and buy some souvenirs to fill up the empty pockets of the local people to aid in the development of that place. This is a great way of achieving two things through the effort for one. Philantourism lets you satisfy your wanderlust while leaving a positive impact,” explains Travel Trends magazine.

Zimbabwe, for example, one of the poorest countries in the world, is now inviting tourists from the world to visit their land and leave a positive impact through Philantourism. Just a safari ride and a long stroll through the Hwange National Park and Victoria falls will help you in accomplishing your aim of improving the lives of the local community.

There is a move by the Wellness industry into travel that, analysts say, also offers new opportunities for this kind of personally tailored product. Combining health tourism and specialised travel is another area that offers new opportunities for Cyprus.




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