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Mars scientists to test space equipment on Troodos ahead of mission 

Apparently some of Troodos topography is similar to Mars

An international team of planetary scientists and geologists is expected to arrive in Cyprus on Monday as part of a research project for sending space equipment to Mars to measure the exact age of the rocks on the red planet of our solar system.

George Danos, President of the Cyprus Space Exploration Organisation (CSEO), which participates in the project, told the Cyprus News Agency that the scientists would test  space equipment in the Troodos mountain range in Cyprus, which has a lot in common with the geology in Mars, before sending them to the red planet.

The CSEO is taking part in a major international research project on Mars, in collaboration with three other European countries as well as the US. It is a European Commission-funded project (H2020), which aims to send equipment to Mars to measure the exact age of the rocks of the red planet.

Noting the benefits that this would have to Cyprus, he also said that Cypriot scientists would take part in the research.

“We have already hired a number of scientists and are in the process of hiring more. Our scientists are also sent abroad for a period of months where they receive training and cooperate with international collaborators,” he said.

On Monday a team of foreign scientists (planetologists and geologists) will arrive in Cyprus, following a proposal by Danos.

“I suggested that the space equipment be tested first in Cyprus before going to Mars. The geology of the Troodos mountain range has a lot in common with the rocks of Mars,” he said.

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