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€7.4m spent on cards in the north and Turkey

Cyprus reported also the systematic use of the illegal airport in Tympou

Travel, including hotels and entertainment, accounts for the biggest sums paid for with local credit cards in the north and Turkey, JCC records say.

The card-processing company’s data, which cooperates with the major banks operating in the south, show that more than €7m in card payments were made in the north and Turkey during the first eight months of the year.

According to JCC reports, €4.1m was spent in the north and €3.3m in Turkey with a total of 54,166 transactions.

The largest sum, €2.3m, was spent on hotels, with almost two thirds, €1.6m, paid in hotels in the north.

Airline tickets amounted to €1.9m, out of which €751,000 were purchased from the north.

Entertainment comes third in expenditure with €925,000, with €791,000 spent in the north.

In August alone, credit card transactions in the north and Turkey amounted to €1.1m out of which, €200,000 was spent in the north on hotels, €108,000 on airlines and €101,000 on entertainment.

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