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Bar review: Gypsy’s Western Saloon, Limassol

By Stephanie Robb

There are many places in Limassol that need a little bit of searching to discover; word of mouth, lucky discoveries are all part of the fun and Gypsy’s is one of those places that need a little searching but once discovered you will be a lifelong customer.

Located in a small street adjacent to the tourist road, it’s easy to miss and yet this is part of its charm. Gypsy’s has been in operation for years, it doesn’t aim to be hip or modern, it is exactly what it says it is: a small ‘western saloon’ in Limassol. A taste of the bygone era of the wild west adorned with authentic cowboy hats, smart limericks posted all around the bar and other bits and pieces and with country music blasting through the speakers. It truly is unique.

As far as drinks are concerned, the simplicity is reflected on the menu as well; beer and spirits are the frontrunners yet they are always served with a friendly and hospitable smile. Nothing can beat an ice cold beer, even with the heat leaving and Gypsy’s has an abundance of that, be it local or from as far as the deliciously heavy taste of an Erdinger. Nevertheless, if you are looking to maintain the authenticity of the place, a wild west drink in a western saloon, a pinch of some southern comfort or whiskey also make a great accompaniment to your night. But I also have to hand it to the barman for making one of the tastiest margaritas in Limassol! I always take these over-done cocktails with a pinch of salt, excuse the pun, yet I was pleasantly surprised by the perfect balance of alcohol, crushed ice and lime.

What cannot be missed from your visit to Gypsy’s though are the homemade dips. The chips are made by the bar itself with love and the guacamole, sour cream and salsa give great bursts of flavour that make them the perfect complement for any drink.

Gypsy’s offers a unique experience. As soon as you step in, you feel right at home and welcomed by everyone around you. It’s all about simplicity and comfort and this is something that can rarely be found.

Gypsy’s Western Saloon
Where: 28th of October, Limassol
Contact: 99 609410

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