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Opera and pop singers – all in one

By Maria Gregoriou

Just before the rush of Christmas shopping starts next month why not treat yourself to a concert with performances by famous singers or an opera performed by the Opera National de Paris?

And you’ll only have to go as far as K-Cineplex Nicosia and Paphos, where the concert Pavarotti and Friends: The Duets will be screened tomorrow, and the opera Tosca will be screened on Saturday.

Pavarotti and Friends: The Duets will give you the chance to witness the pure energy and listen to the massive voice of the finest tenors of the 20th century, singing along side some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Pavarotti and Friends is part of a series of charity concerts that Pavarotti himself annually hosted in his home town of Modena in Italy to raise money for several UN causes, victims of war, and refugees.

This 70 min special presents the most emotional and world-famous pieces of the entire Pavarotti and Friends series.

Apart from being able to enjoy the Italian operatic tenor whose voice constitutes an Italian treasure, the big screen will give you front-row seats to performances of songs like I Hate You

Then I Love You with Celine Dion, Live Like Horses with Elton John, It’s a Man’s World with James Brown, Hero with Mariah Carey, Paris Angelicus with Sting, O Sole Mio with Bryan Adams and Notte e Piscatore with Andrea Bocelli.

K-Cineplex will also offer opera lovers a second treat this month with a look at Tosca, which is one of the most popular pieces of the classical repertoire since its premiere at the Teatro Costanzi in Rome in January 1900.

The opera, by Giacomo Puccini, is performed in three acts and is based on Sardou’s 1887 French-language dramatic play La Tosca. This melodramatic masterpiece is set in Rome in 1800, when the Kingdom of Naples’ control of Rome was threatened by Napoleon’s invasion of Italy.

It is a tale of romance over politics featuring a heroic painter, a despicable ruler and an opera superstar, Tosca herself. With none of the main characters, heroes or villains, making it to the end alive, Tosca contains depictions of torture, murder and suicide that are masterly expressed with some of Puccini’s best-known lyrical arias. The Italian composer made sure that he included all the ingredients needed for an astonishing piece of work, which has been called, in some circles, as being the opera of operas.

Get to the cinema a bit early as there will be welcome drinks and a bit to eat.

Pavarotti and Friends: The Duets
Screening of the concert. November 21. K-Cineplex Nicosia and Paphos. 9pm. €10/8. Tel: 24-819022

Screening of the opera performance. November 28. K-Cineplex Nicosia and Paphos. 9pm. €10/8. Tel: 24-819022

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