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Car owners can now bid for car registration numbers online

As of Thursday owners of unregistered vehicles will be able to directly choose and buy online the numbers of their licence plates for €100, the head of the road transport department SoterisKolettas said on Wednesday.
Following a decree of the Transport Minister Marios Demetriades, vehicle owners will have the opportunity to choose their preferred number for their licence plates, after the online auction is over. The available numbers are between one and 999.
First is the online auction, Kolettas told the Cyprus Mail, where vehicle owners may choose and bid on their preferred number.
“For instance if a person wants the number 10, they will bid for €50 and if no one else bids on it, it is theirs. If another person bids €100, then they will have to bid €150,” said Kolettas.
After the auction is over, car owners may buy directly the remaining numbers at €100, and it is on a first-come first-served basis.
“The first person to buy a specific number, then it is off the list,” Kolettas said.
The only numbers not available for bid or purchase are 13, 69 and 666.
“Because nobody wants them. In the past, whenever a vehicle owner was given one of those numbers they were coming back asking us to give them a different one, so we decided not to use them anymore,” Kolettas said.
The bid and purchase concern numbers only, the letters are set, Kolettas said.
To be able to bid or buy a number, interested parties, private individuals or legal entities, must create a profile with the road transport department’s website. Users will be required to provide information of their credit cards.

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