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Petition to stop boy racers

With regards to my ongoing petition to the mayor about boy racers. At the time of writing I have received the support of 128 petitioners who have left some very interesting comments from various parts of the world including Russia, Germany and South Africa and of course, local residents.

I have recently posted an update on this site stating that it is now my intention to keep this online petition running until the end of the tourist season because it seems quite clear that tourists have and will continue to have a grievance about this behaviour.

The petition originally planned to be handed in on June 1 will now be handed in on October 1 to allow the continued influx of tourists throughout the summer season their right to respond to this anti social behaviour.

I would hope that by October the municipality and the police will become aware of the extent of bad feeling that this behaviour represents and the affect that it has on local tourism.

Mark Hemming, Paphos

Paphos please get your act together for 2017

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