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Four in ten teenage boys smoke

A new study reveals that 35 to 40 percent of boys aged 15 to 18 years old smoke in Cyprus, and one in four girls in this age group also smokes.

The results of the study by the Cyprus University of Technology were presented at a public health workshop.

Other research results looked at life expectancy.

“Some results of the socio-economic profile in Cyprus show that Cypriots who live in urban areas have a better life expectancy and live longer than those who live in rural areas,” said project researcher Constantinos Makris. “Since one would expect just the opposite, this needs an in-depth study.”

The results of a survey on the environmental exposure by the population and effects on the thyroid gland, especially in women were also discussed.

According to Makris “a correlation exists between a frequent consumption of products containing plastic substances such as canned food and some cosmetics and changes in thyroid hormone levels.”

The one-day conference was held under the auspices of Health Minister Giorgos Pamborides.

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