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Fire destroys old building in Kakopetria

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A fire on Monday destroyed an old building in the village of Kakopetria, that housed the community’s library and some shops, the fire service said.

Community leader Ioannis Iakovides said the fire started at 8.30am after workers who were renovating part of the building lit an old fireplace to get warm. According to the fire service, the workers did not know that the chimney had been removed due to the renovation works.

The fire service was notified as the blaze spread rapidly, threatening adjacent buildings. Fire fighters, using seven vehicles, managed to prevent it from spreading to the building which houses the post office and the police.

“It is a huge blow for the community,” Iakovides said.

The two-storey building dates from the 1930s and renovation work was being carried out so that it could house the post office and a citizen service bureau.

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