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Get a taste of China without going further than Limassol

Many of us would love to travel to China and learn about the country’s culture, experience its tradition and explore its food. But there is no need to go so far, as the Second Cyprus Chinese Cultural Festival will give the chance to do all these things in Limassol.

The festival, organised by China International Investors Association, Confucius Institute at the University of Cyprus and the Limassol Municipality, gives three days to experience China in a unique way. From Saturday until Monday the Limassol Municipal Garden and Theatre will host the festival, plus the first China Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition – which is co-organised by the Embassy of China and Xi’an Returned Overseas Chinese Federation.

The events will focus on Chinese culture, and include the Xi’an Cultural Exchange Group Gala performances, a Chinese food show by Quanjude – which was founded in 1864 – a traditional Chinese medicine show by Tongrentan, a Chinese porcelain show by Jingdezhen the Porcelain Capital of China, a number of on-site demonstrations by China Intangible Cultural Heritage inheritors, a Chinese traditional costumes and handicrafts display, as well as a variety of cultural performances by the Chinese Art Troupe of Cyprus, the overseas Chinese and the local art groups.

According to the organisers, “the festival plays an active and effective role in promoting not only cultural exchanges but also economic and trade cooperation between China and Cyprus as well as its neighbouring countries.”

Second Chinese Cultural Festival
A festival with lots of events to do with Chinese culture. September 29 until October 1. Limassol Municipal Garden Theatre, Limassol. Saturday: 6pm-11pm, Sunday: 4pm-11pm and Monday: 4pm-9pm. Free. Tel: 22-894274

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